Recruit a co-worker for better air quality

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Recruit a colleague for the Clear the Air Challenge

By Ayrel Clark-Proffitt, Sustainability Office

At the beginning of the 2016 Clear the Air Challenge, we asked you, “What’s your motivation for cleaner air?” Now it is time to ask a co-worker that same question.

The University of Utah is currently one of the top teams in the statewide Clear the Air Challenge, which asks commuters to improve air quality by driving less and making lower-emission transportation choices, such as riding the bus or TRAX, walking, combining trips, and carpooling.

This challenge aims to improve the air quality for everyone. For this reason, we want you to recruit a co-worker to join the challenge. If participants sign up any time in July, they can log trips all the way back to the first of the month.

Share with your co-worker these top 5 reasons— in order of importance— why they should join the Clear the Air Challenge:

  1. With cleaner air, everybody wins. This isn’t just a feel good statement; it is the truth. Ozone pollution in our valleys can lead to serious health problems, including decreased lung function, increased risk of serious asthma attacks, and even permanent lung damage.
  2. Reducing vehicle emissions matters. Vehicles are a major contributor to poor air quality events—in the summer, cars contribute to the ozone problem in Utah valleys and in the winter, vehicles are the largest contributor to the toxic inversion. Reducing our emissions from transportation, collectively, matters.
  3. Reducing your commuting emissions aids the University of Utah’s mission. In 2010, the University committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. Transportation emissions are one of the areas tracked for our greenhouse gas inventory. By driving less, you are directly assisting with efforts to meet this important campus-wide goal.
  4. Winning the Clear the Air Challenge sends a signal to the community that the U cares about its health and well-being. The University is a part of the community, rather than a part from it. As the state’s flagship institution, it is important that we lead by example.
  5. You can win some cool prizes. While I may think reasons 1-4 are compelling, winning prizes for making positive changes isn’t a bad deal, either. Challenge organizers are providing weekly participation prizes, including season tickets for the Twilight Concert Series, Salt Lake Bees tickets, clothing from Kuhl, and more.

Share this info with your colleagues and help them sign up for the University of Utah team at


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