Continuing the socializing over soup about food issues

Social Soup is so popular sometimes the soup is devoured within the first ten minutes!

Social Soup is so popular sometimes the soup is devoured within the first ten minutes!

By Sarah Lappé, communication and outreach coordinator Sustainability Office

Sometimes with the University’s ebb and flow of students matriculating and graduating, student initiated programs can lose momentum or can even disappear. The Social Soup Lecture Series was about to be one of those programs to fall by the wayside, until a small, dedicated group consisting of students, faculty, and staff banded together to continue this unique event for the community.

What is Social Soup? The Social Soup Series brings together a fresh meal and a distinctive speaker to reflect on local and national social, economic, and environmental issues surrounding food. People from all over the campus and the community come together to increase awareness, to build knowledge, and to create conversations over a delicious, vegetarian bowl of soup.

On November 11, 2015. The rejuvenated lecture series is kicking off with special guest, Anim Steel. Steel is passionate about building a better food system. He was instrumental in creating the Real Food Challenge that will bring local, sustainable, and fair food to universities nationwide by 2020—President Pershing signed the Real Food Challenge for the U in February 2015. Through the Real Food Challenge, Steel is helping to create a movement changing how campuses across America understand and access food.

This year the planning committee consists of many different departments that have banded together to revitalize the series. The committee includes members from Sustainably Office, College of Social Work, College of Social & Behavioral Science, College of Health , Global Change and Sustainability Center, as well as Chief Wellness Officer Robin Marcus.

Carlos Alarco, Instructional Designer for Teaching & Learning Technologies, is one of the many core members of this team. Alarco says, “The importance of Social Soup cannot be understated; it is a unique opportunity for the community to gather and to listen to people working on the frontline of food sustainability and security. I felt that was imperative that this dialog continue so that more people can become involved in efforts to improve food quality and production.”

Adrienne Cachelin, Director of Sustainability Education, is a food justice advocate on campus and is also co-leading the food studies group, says, “Social Soup is an excellent way for us to celebrate the importance of food and food itself. Food is so much more than nutrients, calories, or a commodity; food is a critical part of identity, and a meal is a set of social and ecological relationships that may hold the key to revitalizing our communities and ourselves.”

Social Soup FlyerEvent Details
Lecture: Anim Steel: Real Food, Real Change:  Developing A Vision for Sustainable Food Justice
Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Time: 11:30 am-1:00 pm
Location: Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library
RSVP: with subject line: Social Soup
Cost: $0
Value: priceless

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