Campus is hungry to learn more about SLC’s Food Systems

Get more involved with food studies at the U

Get more involved with food studies at the U

By Andrea Palmer, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Student

Everybody loves food – but especially now, we need to be discussing the increasing importance of food issues globally. One way is to start local! This year, the Colleges of Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Office of Sustainability are sponsoring an interdisciplinary food studies group to facilitate collaboration in food-related research, education, and action.  Join us for monthly seminars on the 1st Thursday of every month. This week we will welcome Bridget Stuchly from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office to launch the series on September 3rd with her talk on the Salt Lake Community Food Assessment program.

Bridget Stuchly from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office kicks off lecture series

Bridget Stuchly from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office kicks off lecture series

But wait, there’s more… did you know that the City is currently working on food projects that look at the challenges of and opportunities for more sustainable local food systems in Salt Lake’s future? Come learn about their findings on food production, distribution, consumption, waste, and health within Salt Lake City and its regional food shed. Participating in this seminar series will offer you a platform to discover how your work can be applied on local scales, and generate ideas for additional research collaborations. Get pumped to find out what is going on in your own backyard!

Seminar Details: All Food Studies Seminars will be held in OSH room 216

September 3rd, 4-5 pm
Presenter: Bridget Stuchly from the SLC Mayor’s Office
Title: “The Salt Lake’s Community Food Assessment and discussing local food-related initiatives and opportunities for collaboration”

October 1st, 4-5 pm
Presenter: Professor Brian Codding, Anthropology Department
Title: “Food makes Country: How Aboriginal foraging decisions structure the ecological, economic and social landscapes of Western Australia”

November 5th, 4-5 pm
Presenter: Sawson Gholami and Josh Garcia
Title: “Real Food Challenge at the University of Utah”

December 3rd, 4-5 pm
Presenters: Professor Julie Metos, Division of Nutrition
Professor Norman Waitzman, Economics Department
Title: “Investigating School Food Policies and Obesity Outcomes from Childhood to Adolescence”

January 7th, 7:45-8:45 am
Presenters: Dr. Tim Harlan and Chef Leah Sarris, Tulane Medical School
Title: “Culinary Medicine”

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