Test your sustainability knowledge!

University of Utah campusEarlier this week, Facilities Management hosted a quiz game for its employees during Facilities Management Week. The Facilities Management Green Team developed the quiz, and the first round of questions was all about sustainability. Test your knowledge!


  1. Name three different types of renewable energy.
  2. What car manufacturer created the most fuel-efficient car in 2015?
  3. What level of LEED certification does the University of Utah require for new buildings or renovations costing $2.5 million or greater?
  4. By what year has the University of Utah committed to be carbon neutral?
  5. Rank the following foods from the highest to lowest carbon footprint of 4 oz consumed: Beef, tomatoes, chicken, beans, lamb, cheese.
  6. Which of the following categories uses the most energy in U.S. homes: Space heating, air conditioning, appliances/electronics/lighting, or water heating?
  7. How long does it take a plastic water bottle to decompose: 250, 350, 450 or 550 years?
  8. Natural gas and electricity use for buildings accounts for how much of the University of Utah’s carbon footprint?


1) Solar, wind, geothermal, water, biomass; 2) BMW (BMW i3 – 137/111 e-mpg city/highway); 3) Silver; 4) 2050; 5) Lamb, beef, cheese, chicken, beans, tomatoes;  6) Space heating; 7) 450 years; 8) Roughly 72 percent.




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