“Out Here” Documentary Viewing at the U

By Marykate Glenn, Sustainability Resource Center

I met Jonah Mossberg back in Connecticut where I was managing FRESH New London Farm for the past four years. Jonah worked at Tobacco Road Farm, which I had always admired for its openminded, experimental growing techniques and passionate no-till practices. Through the course of the last year, our respective farm teams mingled at potlucks and workshops, and Jonah’s farm ended up supporting me in huge ways with timely growing advice and generous help getting into farmers markets.

Jonah Mossberg. Photo courtesy Out Here website

Jonah Mossberg. Photo courtesy Out Here website

The farming community is just wonderful that way—folks are eager to share what’s worked in their fields and eager to stick up for and support one another. So when Jonah said he’d made a documentary about queer farmers in America that would be screening in town (and all over the country), I couldn’t wait to see it. Turns out it’s an amazing film. I highly recommend it!

Jonah’s film, “Out Here,” will be screening at the U this Thursday from 5-7 pm in the LGBT Resource Center, room 409 in the Union. The screening is a partnership between the Sustainability Resource Center’s Edible Campus Gardens and the LGBT Resource Center.

Out Here Flyer Final“Out Here” brings to light the stories of queer farmers—dynamic movers and shakers in their communities and the food movement who are hardworking folks serving their communities good food. “Out Here” highlights the need for a more just and sustainable food system. It’s important to recognize and address the ways systemic inequalities based on race, class, gender, and sexuality have played out and been propped up in the industrial food system and economic and political systems.

Farmers in the Seattle area. Photo courtesy Out There website

Farmers in the Seattle area. Photo courtesy Out Here website

Just like the ubiquity of high fructose corn syrup and the ugly side of the story of foods we eat, the way the current food system marginalizes and exploits certain people over others happens hidden in plain sight. “Out Here” tells the stories of folks who’ve been marginalized by these systems and who are building resilient farms and strong communities. The power of this movie is in the dialogue that can follow. The film starts conversations by challenging the ideas of who is a farmer, who creates real change, and how gender and sexuality relate to our food system.

Join the LGBT Resource Center and the Edible Campus Gardens for the screening this Thursday from 5-7pm in room 409 of the Union. We look forward to seeing you!

Marykate Glenn is the garden coordinator for the Sustainability Resource Center.

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