Welcome the new garden coordinator

Marykate Glenn

Marykate Glenn is the new garden coordinator. She’ll help manage the Edible Campus Gardens.

By Erika Longino, Sustainability Resource Center

When I asked Marykate Glenn what kind of vegetable she would be, she told me she would be an heirloom kale plant whose seed had been saved and passed from hand to hand and garden to garden all over the world.

She laughed and warned that it was cheesy, but based on last year’s amazing Edible Campus Gardens kale yields, it fills me with excitement for Marykate’s contributions to our ever-expanding gardens.

At the beginning of the month, Marykate joined the Sustainability Resource Center as the new garden coordinator.

Marykate started getting deeply involved in sustainable agriculture at the end of her undergraduate career at the University of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Ariz. She started seeing that the results of her soil toils were tangible. And she was having fun! She was learning new skills and gleaning information from her community—a true experience of human sustainability. Since then, she has farmed and gardened in various locations across the country. Her roots have explored far and wide and now she finds herself settling here in Salt Lake.

“I hope I can learn from everyone what is underway and increase the ripple effect that has been growing here,” she says. “I hope for meaningful experiences and a continuation of the projects already in place.”

Marykate is adjusting to being a permanent fixture at the campus gardens. Her presence in the program will ensure clearer organization and communication channels.

Some day soon, you might see Marykate playing the musical saw.

You might see her baking bread.

You might see her hiking in the mountains or the desert.

Or listening to Tarraf Dehaidouks (Romanian gypsy music).

And you will definitely see her in the gardens! Come get to know our newest gardener. Sign up for our weekly updates, which include volunteer opportunities.

Erika Longino is a garden steward with the Sustainability Resource Center’s Edible Campus Gardens.

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