Conservation tip: Utilize Nature to Save Energy

In the interest of helping our readers reduce energy and water waste, Sustainable Utah will publish weekly conservation tips contributed by the Student Energy Ambassadors, a program supported by Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas.

By the Student Energy Ambassadors

In developed countries, much of the focus of conservation is on fancy, new appliances. But utilizing natural services is a great way to save a lot on your energy bill. For instance, dry your clothes outside in the warmer months, which has the added bonus of preventing shrinkage. If you have south-facing windows, open the curtains or blinds during the day to allow sunlight to passively heat your home and clothes the blinds at night to keep the heat in. This changes in the summer, since south-facing windows let in the most sunlight, so you want to keep those blinds pulled as the weather warms up. Your environmental footprint will also be smaller if you harvest rainwater for outdoor needs. Utah allows up to 200 gallons of rainwater to be harvested in two separate containers, which can be used to water a garden, your flowers, or even your lawn.

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