Sustainability Seminars Kick Off with U Professor Stephen Goldsmith

Full seminar room

The GCSC Seminars always bring a crowd. Don’t miss the first talk of the academic year on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

By Ayrel Clark-Proffitt, Sustainability Resource Center

Are you ready to be inspired? Then don’t miss the Global Change & Sustainability Center’s (GCSC) first seminar of the academic year, “Making the Invisible Visible” by Stephen Goldsmith, on Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 4 p.m. in Room 295 of the Sutton Building.

Goldsmith, a professor in City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah, sees “dysfunctionality and inelegance” in the performance of cities, noting issues with traffic jams, poor or nonexistent bicycle paths, air quality problems, and even food choices. Goldsmith’s talk will focus on ways to restore and preserve the places we love.

Professor Stephen Goldsmith

Professor Stephen Goldsmith

“I think the answers emerge when we allow ourselves to visualize change. The first step is to invite our innate creative processes to join us into the board room and the classroom with an equal dignity and welcome as we do our laws, policies, procedures, and handbooks of best practices. When we begin to visualize healthy, equitable places, we can find the tools and resources needed to get us there,” Goldsmith says. “But too often our biggest crisis is the crisis of the imagination. … Unless we visualize how places will add to the quality of our lives, we won’t be able to create the new tools and processes needed to build and restore them.”

Brenda Bowen, associate director of the GCSC, says the group’s seminar series provides a unique venue for exploring the interconnections among scientists, engineers, policy makers, communication experts, and other professionals. The seminar series is now in its fifth year. The GCSC Seminar Series provides an opportunity for faculty and students from across campus to gather and hear from both local and national experts in global change and sustainability, she says.

The seminars are open to the public. Students who enroll in the 1-credit seminar course, BIOL 6964, have additional opportunities to engage with the speakers.

Learn more about the GCSC on its website at and follow it on Facebook.

Ayrel Clark-Proffitt is the education & outreach coordinator for the Sustainability Resource Center.

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