Clear the Air Challenge Begins July 1

Office of Sustainability Director Myron Willson

Myron Willson, director of the Office of Sustainability at the U, promotes bicycling on campus.

By Myron Willson, director of the Office of Sustainability

Join thousands of fellow University of Utah employees and students by taking part in the 2013 Challenge from July 1-31.

The annual Clear the Air Challenge is all about helping motivate us to do our part to improve air quality, to reduce traffic congestion, conserve energy, and save money by using Travelwise strategies to “drive down our miles.”  The month-long Challenge provides a helpful tool to set goals, track progress, and work with others to make a difference. The summer ozone season has begun, so now is a great time to find more ways to contribute to healthier air. Even those of us who regularly ride UTA, carpool, bicycle, and walk can find ways to do more.

Whether you’ve taken part in previous Challenges or not, please join us this year. If you are new to the Challenge, it is easy to register at the Clear the Air Challenge website  where you can join an existing University of Utah team (listed under “U of U”), create a new one, or sign up as an individual. If you’ve been a part of the Challenge in the past, simply log back in and your membership will be reactivated. You can then update your profile, personal 2013 goals, and team membership as needed.

If we all do a little, we can collectively make a big difference. With cleaner air we all win.

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